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What's this Gift Voucher for:

  • A welcome gift By Haroon's Designer in collaboration with OSAF. Especially presented to Guests of Honor including highly respectable Former Faculty members and the Guests on VIP list provided by OSAF.

  • Ahsan Nisar is one of the  directors at Haroon's Designer and an Alumnus of FAST Lahore Campus. It was his first ever attendance at Homecoming. He Convinced the team Haroon's that he don't want to go to his 2nd home empty-handed. So we planned on with the Gifts.

Why not product as a gift:

  • Almost all our products are size based and have vast variations in terms of designs , colors and materials. We didn't know the preferences of guests + we were not aware of the sizes. So we decided to present a shopping experience as a Token of respect instead of any product that could turn out to be of no use to our respectable Guests. So we left our guests with the choice to get whatever they like in their sizes.

Where to use this Voucher:

  • This Gift Voucher can be used Online and In-Store at our Emporium mall branch Or Fortress Stadium branch only.

  • We will be highly glad to welcome you Physically at any of the above mentioned outlets.

How to use this Gift Voucher:

  • Simply bring along your Gift Voucher while physically visiting the outlet. Hand it over at the cash counter before billing, so it can be redeemed. 

  • In case of online shopping; during the checkout process, u can simply enter your voucher code in the coupon/voucher code input box.

  • If the shopping done is more than the gifted value , the voucher value will automatically be adjusted as a discount in your invoice.

  • If u feel any inconvenience in the process of using the Gift Voucher, feel free to contact for assistance.  (Ahsan Nisar has provided his personal Contact number on the Gift Vouchers for respectable Guests. He will be glad to provide the assistance himself)

  • For online shopping u can always use online assistance from our representative via whatsApp. (In terms of information, sizing, design or selection etc)

General Terms & Conditions 

  • The Gift Voucher is for one time use only (to be used by assigned person or their immediate family members only).

  • Cannot be sold or transferred to other name.

  • This Voucher will be activated from Monday 23rd January till 31st July 2023. It can be redeemed any time during this period.

  • This Gift shopping value is applicable to all products and Services.

  • Exception is Only the "Lucky Groom / Bride Gift Voucher".  It's value can only be used against Groom Categories (Sherwani, Prince Coat, Reception suits & Tuxedos)

  • Please note that the Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for Cash alternatives.

  • Brand is not responsible for any Stolen or misplaced/deleted Gift Card Vouchers.

  • Brand does not offer any  Credit or change against the unused Portion of the shopping value.

  • Vouchers presented after their expiry will be treated as Void. They are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

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